Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus

Mozart: Complete sonatas for keyboard and violin vol. 4

Podger, Rachel;
Cooper, Gary
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CCS SA 24607
Imagine the noise these sonatas will make in the world when the title page says it's the work of a child of 7. Leopold Mozart was both proud and stunned by his son's genius. As a follower of the Enlightenment, which he was, it must have seemed unreasonable to him - as a father and as a Christian he could accept it as a miracle. The pieces to which Leopold refers were the sonatas K. 6 and 7, which at his father's instigation appeared in print in Paris in 1764 as op. 1, followed a month later by K. 8 and 9 as op. 2. Leopold knew how to take advantage of the economic situation and had to do so, because other German composers were already present in Paris who might have found competition from an eight-year-old prodigy quite disturbing. But Schobert, Eckard and Hochbrucker were too curious or too collegial: one after the other, they found themselves in the Mozart family's quarters to pay their little colleague a courtesy visit and worship the notes of his own compositions
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Diapason d’Or (2007)
Mozart:  Complete sonatas for keyboard and violin vol. 4

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