Monteverdi, Claudio
Monteverdi: Madrigali Libri III & IV
Le Nuove Musiche;
Koetsveld, Krijn
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Le Nuove Musiche, led by acclaimed director Krijn Koetsveld, continue with their exceptional series of Claudio Monteverdi’s complete madrigals. Following on from Books V & VI (BC93799), and Book VII (BC94980), released in December 2015, they turn their attention to Books III & IV. At this stage of Monteverdi’s career, he was at a turning point, something that comes across quite clearly in his compositions. In the more traditional works, he gives a clear nod to his teacher Marc’Antonio Ingegneri, as he demonstrates his ability to write in the declamatory Renaissance style. Where Monteverdi sets himself apart, however, is when he demonstrates his ability to match the tender lyrics to sound. O come è gran martire, ‘O what suffering it is’, is a perfect illustration of this, as the mournfully drawn-out ‘O’ immediately captures the listener’s attention, forcing us to appreciate the lover’s lament. He repeats this device in Vattene pur crudel, when Armida’s distressed cry of loneliness soars above the other lines: her rage at having been abandoned by her lover consumes the piece. Monteverdi straddles the Renaissance and the Baroque, and this comes to the fore especially in these two exciting books of madrigals.
CD x 2
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