Dieupart, Charles; Sammartini, Giuseppe; Woodcock, Robert

Woodcock: Concertos for Recorder & Oboe

Ensemble Odyssee;
Stegmann, Anna;
Fritz, Georg
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PC 10386
Robert Woodcock was not a professional musician. He was a painter and ships were his favorite subjects: many of those are now displayed in National Maritime Museum in Greenwich and testify to his skills. He did not make a living out of music, yet he played the oboe and in 1727 he published a collection of twelve concertos. In 1720s London’s public was mesmerized by the newly-imported Italian concerto and by the virtuosity of the several wind players who performed on the English stages on different instruments. Woodcock, who scored his music for sixth-flute (a soprano recorder in D), oboe, and traverso with string accompaniment, wrote some of the music played by those virtuosi. He was a contemporary of Handel and it is not by chance that one of his pieces was for a long time attributed to Handel.

In this new CD, Ensemble Odyssee presents the complete recorder and oboe concertos by Woodcock together with some lesser-known orchestra works by Charles Dieupart and Sammartini’s celebrated recorder concerto in a new and fresh performance.

• Dieupart: Concerto a 5 in F major
• Dieupart: Sonata in E minor
• Sammartini, G: Recorder Concerto in F major
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 1 (for sixth flute)
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 10 for Oboe
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 11 for Oboe
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 12 for Oboe
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 2 in A major (for sixth flute)
• Woodcock, R: Concerto No. 3 in D major (for sixth flute)
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Woodcock: Concertos for Recorder & Oboe

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