Vivaldi, Antonio
Vivaldi: Gloria Magnificat
Le Concert Spirituel;
Niquet, Hervé
nr katalogowy
Alpha 222
Since 1987, the year he founded Le Concert Spirituel, Hervé Niquet has been a major figure in musical life, but he is also an actor in a class of his own. Major because it is thanks to his love of French music, the grands motets, large forms, and works both known and less known, that we have discovered or rediscovered treasures by various composers... Major because he is respected and loved by a great number of singers and stage directors with whom he has collaborated... And in a class of his own because he has an uncommon capacity for sharing his music directly with the audience. Alpha is delighted to welcome this great, ‘total’ artist to begin a long-term collaboration and release the fruit of his latest research, his wishes, his discoveries and his follies.
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