Boularès :Abu Sadiya
Boulares, Yacine;
Segal, Vincent;
Waits, Nasheet
nr katalogowy
AC 167
"Abu Sadiya" is the debut album by French-Tunisian saxophonist/composer Yacine Boulares. The album takes a distinct "chamber" approach with Boulares playing saxophones and clarinets and accompanied by French cellist Vincent Segal and American drummer Nasheet Waits. • This suite of original music draws its influence from Stambeli, which was a healing trance music created by the descendants of Sub-Saharan slaves who were brought to Tunisia. The suite is intended to be programmatic, musically telling the legend of Abu Sadiya, an eleventh-century figure who is said to have created Stambeli music while wandering the streets in search of his enslaved daughter. Boulares mixes traditional melodies and song forms of Stambeli with an approach inspired by chamber jazz. • Most of the pieces are fairly short- the majority are under five minutes- and the trio manages to get a wide range of sounds and textures from Boulares soprano sax and clarinet sounds and Segal's various approaches to playing cello. It's restrained, spacious music- the kind where it can be difficult to tell where the composition ends and the improvisation begins. At times Boulares and Segal delve into some very nice contrapuntal playing, which often marks the high-point of the compositions. Unfortunately with the short length of many of the tracks, the pieces don't always develop satisfyingly. Take "Interlude II" for example: both Boulares and Segal combine busy lines in an elegant counterpoint, however the track ends after just 33 seconds. The final track is much more satisfying. "Nuba-Resiliance" starts with more nice counterpoint and develops nicely to a simmering groove, before moving through a number of different sections before a rather agitated line played in unison by both sax and cello.
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